Enphase Energy System

An internal view of an Enphase energy storage unit, showcasing its detailed components and design against a black background, illustrates the advanced technology used in the system.

It’s solar. It’s a system. And it revolves around you. Wolf River Electric is now offering Enphase Storage, a ground-breaking, integrated AC-coupled battery energy storage system. It enables you to conveniently store the energy your solar installation produces. This cutting-edge technology integrates with advanced home monitoring and control software to ensure your home has continuous power, even during grid outages.

Enphase logo with orange and gray text on a white background
Enphase Energy System with generator support for seamless backup power transition and 15-year limited warranty

Start Small. Go BIG

Designed for expandability, each IQ Battery 5P has 5kWh of storage for the industry’s lowest upfront cost, along with the ease of adding more batteries as your energy needs grow over time.

IQ Load Controller

Turn power-hungry appliances on and off from the Enphase App to save your charge during an outage. Set your preferences to let the app automatically manage power for you, or make changes manually.

Industry-Leading Warranty

Enphase IQ Batteries have the best 15-year limited warranty in the industry, which lowers costs in the future and improves sustainability.