Top Rated Solar Technology Solutions

At Wolf River, we collaborate exclusively with top-tier solar panel manufacturers. Recognizing that not all solar solutions are created equal, our team is dedicated to providing you with a transparent evaluation of your solar potential. We offer only the highest-quality products available. Talk about illuminating.

Solid Copper. Exceptional Results.

SunPower Quality Cells

Compared to a Conventional Panel, a SunPower solar panel produces 60% more energy in the same space over the first 25 years.*

Each SunPower® Equinox™ solar cell also has:

  • A solid copper foundation, which adds massive strength
  • Ultra-pure silicon, which delivers optimal power conversion
  • Unique light-trapping surface to grab more power

Low bills meet high design

SunPower® Signature™ Black solar panels make a statement about your good taste while reducing your monthly energy bill.

Each signature black solar panel has:

  • Anti-reflective coating, which produces more energy and compliments the design
  • Sleek black profile and no grid lines

Performance Beyond Compare

It’s easy to see why conventional panels just don’t stack up against SunPower® technology.

Detailed comparison of SunPower Maxeon solar cell versus conventional cell, showing differences in grid lines, copper backing, and connector strength.
*see resource section