A Sunsational Installation Experience

Installing solar panels involves collaboration with various entities, including government bodies, city officials, homeowner associations (HOAs), and utility companies. Our objective is to streamline your solar project with maximum efficiency. Due to the involvement of multiple representatives from these organizations, providing an exact timeline is challenging. However, most solar installations are typically completed within 60–90 days of contract signing. We are committed to keeping homeowners well-informed and updated in the event of any delays. For any questions, your project coordinator is available via phone, text, or email.

We use top-tier materials to ensure exceptional strength, longevity, and a lightweight yet elegant design that generates electricity. Once installed, the panels seamlessly integrate to create a cohesive structure that offers complete water protection and remarkable resistance to wind and snow loads.

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Step 1: Personalized Solar Consultation

It all begins with us getting to know you and your family’s electricity needs. A qualified Wolf River Electric consultant will schedule a visit to discuss your goals and how solar can benefit you.

We’ll guide you through every aspect of your new solar power system, including solar technology, how it integrates with the utility, available incentives, financing options, and any other project needs. Our consultants are deeply knowledgeable and dedicated to helping you make an informed decision about solar. This step is crucial to ensuring your solar system fits your needs and that the installation process moves forward smoothly and effortlessly—for you!

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Step 2: Design & Permitting

Your project kicks off on day one with a call from your dedicated project manager to review your project and schedule your site survey. Your project manager will be your primary point of contact from the start until your system is up and running.

Our streamlined project process runs multiple tasks in parallel, minimizing the time from decision to installation. By the time your site survey is conducted, some applications will already have been filed, and the initial follow-up calls will have been made.

The site survey initiates the detailed engineering of your project. This thorough survey allows us to design a system tailored to the unique conditions of your home’s structure and electrical system.

While some companies may skip the site survey to cut costs and timelines, we prioritize this step to ensure precision. We encourage all solar customers to inquire about this when evaluating solar contractors.

Our experienced engineering team is well-equipped to handle a variety of solar projects. While many installations are straightforward, for those that are more complex, our team’s expertise ensures top-quality solutions.

The final application is your permit application, submitted to your local construction authority. Receiving this approval can take a few weeks. We do not take a “file it and forget it” approach; instead, we actively engage with construction officials to expedite the review process and swiftly address any obstacles to get your project approved quickly.

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Step 3: Construction

At Wolf River Electric, we pride ourselves on balancing speed with meticulous attention to detail. While we’ve expedited your project to this point, we now take the necessary time to ensure every connection is solid, every bolt is secure, and your system looks neat and beautiful on your roof.

We schedule our work to be convenient for you. Our crew lead will take the time at the start of the installation to explain where all wires will run, ensuring you approve before proceeding. After your installation, you can expect a follow-up call from our customer care team, providing you with an opportunity to voice any concerns you may have.

Our commitment is to deliver a solar system that is not only efficient but also aesthetically pleasing and reliable.

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Step 4: Utility Interconnection

After construction, we arrange for your local construction official to inspect the project. Once it passes inspection, several applications must be filed to gain approval to energize your system. While these applications are routine, the review and approval process by your local construction office and utility can take some time. At Wolf River Electric, we prioritize expediting these approvals to get your system up and running as quickly as possible.

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Step 5: System Operation

For as long as your system is operating, we’ll be here to make sure your system is producing what it should. Just like with your dedicated project manager, our customer care manager will ensure that you have easy access to help if you need anything.

Once your solar energy system is completed, our maintenance team makes sure everything is performing at the highest levels via online performance monitoring software. Performance monitoring is included as part of every solar installation, allowing you to monitor the efficiency and performance 24×7.