Residential Solar Panel Installation

Solar Installation Residential

Clean, Renewable Solar Energy can be used in almost any residential application.
Saving thousands of dollars per year for decades! It will work on small or large homes with any type of roof. Wolf Electric has extensive experience in solar energy system design/installation on many projects throughout the Twin Cities Let your home be our next project!

Solar Installation Residential Analysis

In order to provide you a quick, detailed, no-obligation proposal, we need to get to know a little bit about you, your property and your electricity needs. This information helps us calculate your system cost, your expected savings, and financing options for your system.

To prepare your quote, we’ll need:

Your 12-month electricity usage history. This is very easy to get from your utility company. We can even help you get this information.

Your property’s address so that we can evaluate your property remotely, using satellite imagery from Google Earth. Our software calculates your roof space and each surface’s solar exposure, telling us how many panels will be required to generate the amount of energy you need.

Information about your home, including square footage, current heating and cooling equipment, and your goals for going solar. That’s all we need to get started! Once we have your information, we’ll look at your property, run the numbers, and create your detailed proposal — usually in just a day or two.

Solar Installation Residential Start Saving

Our experience is your advantage.

Our professional customer care team and installers take care of all the details, from structural analysis of your home, permitting, integrating with your local electricity utility company’s net metering agreement, and more, our experienced team will button up the details.