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Modernize your home energy system with a Span Smart Panel

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Span Smart Panel

Span Smart Panel Installation Service

If your home needs an energy-boosting upgrade to keep up with the times, you should consider installing a span smart panel. These panels will allow homeowners like yourself access 24/7 monitor their consumption levels and see what they can do for them in between routine maintenance tasks.

Pair with battery for the best outage protection

With SPAN, you can back up every inch of your home with a single battery. Just drag and drop to change charging schedules or turn off devices when they’re not being used!

Span Smart Panel FAQS

Once installed, you can install and pair SPAN with your phone to monitor your home’s consumption, solar production, battery system, or EV Charging. You will have the ability to turn on/off circuits manually from anywhere.

The Span Smart Panel replaces the traditional home electric panel and will give you an easy way to understand and control energy use from your home from anywhere.

Span Smart Panel FAQS

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