Commercial Solar Panels

Wolf River Electric is your expert installer of Commercial Solar Panels, with locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. We have over 10 years of combined experience in the electrical industry and are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service and products.

Commercial Solar Panels

Wolf River Electric is your expert installer of Commercial Solar Panels, with locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. We have over 10 years of combined experience in the electrical industry and are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service and products.

Solar Panels For Businesses

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Wolf River Electric is a leading provider of commercial solar installation services in Minnesota (MN)Wisconsin (WI) & Iowa (IA). We offer comprehensive, scalable solar solutions for businesses of all sizes and specialize in commercial solar panel installation. Our experienced team of professional commercial solar installers can ensure that your commercial solar panel system is installed safely and efficiently, reducing your business’s energy costs and helping create a cleaner, more sustainable environment. 

Solar is an excellent investment for commercial businesses of all sizes. It saves you money on your energy bills, but with the current solar tax incentives, it’s more affordable than ever.

For more information on commercial solar panels installation or any of our other services, please contact us today. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and provide you with a free, no obligation quote. Check out some of our reviews if you’re not convinced! 

Our commitment to tailored solutions ensures precision in meeting your business needs. Offering scalable solar solutions for businesses of all sizes, we prioritize efficiency. This personalized approach guarantees optimal performance and cost-effectiveness, making Wolf River Electric the trusted choice for businesses seeking customized and efficient solar solutions in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

Also, our expertise in commercial solar power systems and their installation is unrivaled. With a team of experienced professionals, we guarantee the safe and efficient installation of your solar panel system. This proficiency reduces your business’s energy costs and also contributes significantly to environmental sustainability.

We prioritize transparency and client education. We guide you through the entire process, ensuring you understand the benefits and intricacies of your solar investment. This dedication to customer empowerment sets us apart, making us the ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable and customized solar solutions.

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Commercial Solar Panels | Wolf River Electric

Reduced Operating Costs

Solar energy is a reliable and low-maintenance power source. Once installed, commercial solar panels require minimal upkeep, ensuring a stable and uninterrupted supply of clean energy. This reduces the risk of power outages and fluctuations that can negatively impact your business operations.

Enhance Your Company's Reputation

In addition to the financial benefits, incorporating commercial solar panels into your business operations demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. This can enhance your company’s reputation and appeal to eco-conscious customers, partners, and employees.

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Transform your business into a renewable energy powerhouse with commercial solar solutions.

25 Year Warranty

All of our systems are backed by an impressive 10-25 year manufacturer warranty, ensuring long-lasting performance and peace of mind. In addition, we take pride in our workmanship and confidently provide a 10-year warranty on all solar systems installed.

All Weather Ready

Our solar panel roofing system is expertly designed to endure all types of weather conditions, such as snow, ice, hail, and high winds. The panels’ resilience is ensured through the application of proven traditional seaming technology and a robust metal back sheet, providing exceptional weatherproofing capabilities.

Save Money

The robust energy generated by our high-performance solar modules can be utilized directly, stored in a battery for later use, or even sold back to the electrical grid. With the combination of significant monthly savings on your electricity bill and the advantage of government incentives, your newly installed solar panels will not only pay for themselves but also contribute to substantial financial savings on your overall energy expenses.

Benefits Of Going Solar

Financial Savings and Tax Incentives: Commercial solar panels systems offer compelling financial savings for businesses. By reducing energy costs and qualifying for tax incentives, commercial entities can enjoy significant economic benefits.

Environmental Impact Reduction with Battery Storage: Another major advantage of commercial solar panels are their contribution to environmental sustainability. Solar panels produce zero emissions, providing a cleaner alternative to traditional energy sources. The inclusion of battery storage in commercial solar installations further allows businesses to harness solar energy even during periods without sunlight.

Increased Business Profile and Customer Attraction: Commercial solar installations can enhance a business’s profile and attract new customers. Opting for solar energy signals a company’s forward-thinking approach and commitment to sustainability, appealing to environmentally conscious consumers.

Partnered With Sun Powered

In our esteemed collaboration with SunPower®, we align ourselves with a distinguished American solar enterprise that boasts an impressive 35-year legacy of ingenuity and excellence. SunPower’s unparalleled technology transcends solar industry standards, offering exceptional value, a robust warranty, and unmatched aesthetic appeal that set it apart from other solar companies.

Our shared commitment to the community and a sustainable future amplifies our pride in this partnership. SunPower’s innovative approach to solar energy aligns seamlessly with our vision, reinforcing our dedication to providing cutting-edge, reliable solutions. Together, we are focused on a journey to make sustainable energy accessible, reliable, and visually striking for a brighter and greener tomorrow.

Commercial Solar Panels | Wolf River Electric
Benefits Of Solar Energy For Commercial Buildings
Benefits Of Solar Energy For Commercial Buildings

Businesses are reaping the numerous advantages of harnessing solar energy.

Frequently Asked Questions: Commercial Solar Panels

How Much Does Commercial Solar Cost?

The cost of commercial solar varies depending on a number of factors, including the size of your system, the amount of sunlight your location receives, and the incentives available in your area. However, on average, commercial solar costs between $3 and $4 per watt.

How Much Will I Save With Commercial Solar?

The amount of money you save with commercial solar depends on a variety of factors, including your electricity bill and the size of your system. However, on average, businesses see a return on their investment in commercial solar within 5 to 7 years.

What Are The Benefits Of Commercial Solar?

There are many benefits of commercial solar, including reducing your dependence on fossil fuels, lowering your electricity bill, and earning valuable tax credits. Commercial solar also helps you reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

How Does Commercial Solar Work?

Commercial solar systems operate much like residential ones, but on a larger scale. Panels are installed on the business's roof and linked to an inverter. The inverter transforms solar energy into usable electricity for the building, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution to meet the energy needs of commercial enterprises.

What Is The Lifespan Of Commercial Solar?

Commercial solar energy systems typically have a lifespan of 25 to 35 years. This longevity ensures an extended period of efficient energy production, making commercial solar installations a reliable and durable investment for businesses aiming to reduce energy costs and environmental impact over the long term.

I'm not sure If Commercial Solar Is Right For My Business, Where Can I Find More Information?

If unsure about commercial solar's suitability for your business, reach out to us at Wolf River Electric. We're here to discuss your unique needs, offering detailed information on the costs and benefits of commercial solar. Our team will guide you through the decision-making process, helping you determine if commercial solar is the right choice for your business.

What is the payback period for solar panels?

The payback period for solar panels is the amount of time it takes for the savings from using solar energy to equal the initial cost of the system. The payback period varies depending on a number of factors, including the cost of electricity and the size of the solar system. However, on average, solar panels have a payback period of 8 to 10 years.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Solar energy works by converting sunlight into electricity through photovoltaic cells within solar panels. These cells absorb solar radiation, transforming it into electrical current. This current is then directed to an inverter, converting it into usable AC power for homes, businesses, and other applications, facilitating a clean and sustainable energy source.

What Is Solar Energy?

Solar energy is the conversion of sunlight into usable energy. This process can be achieved through various methods, such as using solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity or employing solar thermal technology to transform sunlight into heat. These versatile applications harness the sun's power, providing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for a range of energy needs.

What Are Solar Inverters?

Solar inverters are electrical devices in the solar energy system. They transform solar energy, generated as direct current (DC) by solar panels, into the usable alternating current (AC) required to power most household appliances. Essentially, solar inverters play a vital role in ensuring the seamless integration of solar-generated electricity into standard household or commercial power systems.

Mike Gerlach
Wolf River Electric completed our project on schedule. Their crew demonstrated professionalism and attention to detail. They communicated with us completely throughout the project. KUDO for a job well done!
Derek Hedburg
To say that I'm extremely please with my new solar system is an understatement. The experience was a positive one from start to finish. There were some small hurdles throughout the process, but that to be expected. Jeff the job foreman, was on point. Very creative and definitely had a huge part in the final productivity and curb appeal. All of the guys have been very helpful in getting us from an idea to finished product. Even the CEO of the company reached out to us when we was informed of my wife's battle with cancer and they are in the works of helping raise funds through a benefit they are fully sponsoring. Didn't know anyone at Wolf River prior to, but I'm glad we decided to go with them, because they have treated us like family.
Sid Y
Wolf River Electric did a wonderful job installing our solar panels. Their whole team including their office staff and their own field. Staff were very helpful, informative, knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend others to get it.
Natalie Little
After seeing the great experience two separate family members had with Wolf River, we gave Scott Eidem a call to see what they could do for us. Scott was honest, not pushy and gave us a couple options to choose from. He and his team was receptive to questions and concerns and were very patient while we thought this over. Once we signed they quickly got the ball rolling with Xcel and we had a wonderful team install our system. The installers were friendly, clean and respectful of our property. Working with Mark S and Jake W in the office made this process seriously easy. The one hiccup we had was quickly resolved and was followed up on to ensure everything was taken care of as it needed to be. I would highly recommend giving Scott and Wolf River a call if you're interested in solar.
Cliff Palmer
Wolf River Electric Company is best solar energy company I ever dealed with they've are polite, knowledgeable, not pushy, and very helpful with getting all the paperwork necessary to be able to install everything. They were very prompt and did wonderful job and it looks great and works great, I could not ask for a better turn out. I would definitely use them again and recommend them to everyone I know. A Great way to start going green, save costs on your electric bill. It is a very smooth transition, when they are ready to connect to the power it only takes less than a couple of minutes without electricity. Sincerely c. Palmer
Rich Hedman (WiscoWood)
Wolf River Electric was professional and knowledgeable. Their crew was courteous and a pleasure to work with. The install went well, and now I'm just waiting on the utility to do their thing. Overall I am very happy with the results!
Chris Kaushal
We had a great experience with Wolf River Solar. Their staff is extremely knowledgeable and cares about your experience.
Ed Kivel
Excellent installation and very conscientious crew.

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