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Turn Sunshine into Savings! Join Wolf River Electric's Solar Referral Program Today

Are you ready to be part of a revolution that’s not just about powering homes but also empowering lives? Welcome to the world of solar energy, where every sunrise brings you savings and sustainability.

Wolf River Electric invites YOU to join our affiliate program and become an ambassador of change! With us, you’re not just promoting solar panels but a future where energy bills shrink and our environmental footprint diminishes. Imagine a world where every household has access to reliable, renewable, and cost-effective energy. That’s the world we’re striving for, and we want you to be a part of it. Earn when you refer friends, colleagues, family, or anyone else interested in going solar. Earn extra incentives as your refer!

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Solar Referral Frequently Asked Questions

How does the affiliate program work?

Click on the button to access the portal and complete the registration form to become an Ambassador for Wolf River Electric. Once you've completed this step, you'll gain access to a comprehensive portal. This portal enables you to make referrals using a personalized link, monitor the progression of your referrals as they qualify, view payments based on their process stage, and more. You can share your unique referral link just like you would in an email or on social media. The portal is also equipped with various tools to simplify sharing and a space for you to manually enter referrals.

What happens if two ambassadors refer the same person?

Wolf River Electric offers a reward to an Ambassador for every referral they make. The credit for the referral goes to the Ambassador who is first associated with it. In case of any disagreement, we will seek clarity from the customer on who made the initial referral, provided the referral reward hasn't been already distributed.

I forgot my password what should I do?

To recover your password for the Solar Referral Ambassador program, make your way to the program's sign-in page. Once there, select the option that reads 'Forgot your password?' and proceed as guided by the subsequent steps.

Who Is Wolf River Electric?

With over eight years of experience in the industry, Wolf River Electric is a reputable solar panel installation company based in Isanti, Minnesota, specializing in residential and commercial solar panel installations and offering a range of solar and electrical services, including electrical wiring, battery backup systems, and EV charging.