You can go green with a bonus.

Solar*Rewards® is your opportunity to have solar for your home or business.Residential and Commercial Solar It’s an incentivized program, so monthly payments are made to the owner  of the solar system in exchange for Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) for the energy produced by the solar system.

If you produce more than you need, the extra energy is added to our grid, and any excess energy will be credited to your bill.

Want to know more about our other solar option? Solar*Rewards Income Qualified program provides incentives to customers with limited financial resources.Net Energy  Metering (NEM) has the same benefits as Solar*Rewards, except that it’s non-incentivized.

Step 1 – See if Solar is Right for You

If you’re wondering how solar works, or if your home or business is right for solar, you should see if solar is right for you.

Step 2 – Find a Solar Installer

Once you’ve decided to go solar with your home or business, you’ll want to install a system that’s right for you by finding a solar installer. Your installer will help you find the perfect fit based on location, design, and scale.

Filling out a Solar Rewards application is next. In most cases, you’ll work with a developer or installer who will submit your application for you. You can also create and manage your own application by simply registering and logging into the Application Portal.

Already a participant? Visit our Solar Rewards for Residences portal

Are you a solar developer or installer? Access our Renewable Developer Resource Center


Customers can install a photovoltaic (PV) system with a total aggregate nameplate capacity ranging from 0.5 kW – 40 kW AC per tax premise/parcel. Application owners will have 30 days to upload engineering documents and payment after a project has received program funding.

The new 2020 incentives are as follows:

2020 Performance
Incentive per kWh
2020 Up-front
Incentive $/W
Residential Systems $0.07 N/A
Residential Systems
$0.07 $2.00
Income-Qualified Non-Profit
and Multi-Family
$0.06 $1.00
Solar Garden
$0.06 $0.50
Commercial Systems $0.06 N/A

The performance-based incentive (PBI) is offered for all Solar*Rewards programs — $0.07 per kWh produced by a residential PV system, and $0.06 per kWh produced by a commercial PV system. It is paid annually for 10 years, with payment being made by check-in January and February of each year depending on your billing cycle. The up-front incentives are available for income-qualified programs only and are calculated based on the proposed system size (DC).

2020 Program Budget

Due to differing incentive levels for residential and commercial customers, Xcel Energy must track and allocate costs for the Solar*Rewards program using our available budget.  On a monthly basis, we will update the budget dollars allocated and the budget dollars available for allocation.

2020 Program Budget

Budget Allocated

Budget Available


$5,534,735 (42%)

$7,731,641 (58%)


A Renewable Energy Credit (REC) represents the green attributes of renewable energy, with each REC certifying the generation of one megawatt-hour (MWh) of renewable energy.

We buy RECs from Solar Rewards projects to achieve our Renewable Energy Standard. Learn more about the goals for Our Energy Future.

Most solar rooftop installations are tied to a contract with us, which requires a transfer of ownership. The transfer of ownership is commonly referred to as the Assignment of Contract. If you are moving, take the time to read the Assignment of Contract to learn how to transfer ownership of your solar.

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