Solar Operating and Maintenance Contracts

Many of the cost-effective O&M considerations that impact cost and revenue relate Solar Operating and Maintenance Contractsdirectly to inverter and monitoring system selection. Solar operations and maintenance (O&M) services are technical services required to establish and maintain a specific performance level for a solar energy system. operations and maintenance plan provides many benefits for both residential and commercial enterprises. We are experts at maximizing the ROI for our systems and offer a complete suite of asset management and solar O&M services detailed below. We also consider bespoke services for specific circumstances, as well!

Solar Operating and Maintenance Contracts – Maximize uptime

Solar project maintenance can help maximize uptime and extend the life of the plant. The delivery of solar power without any disruption maintains the stream of economic value generated by each kilowatt hour of production, and proper service is a critical component to ensuring optimal performance while minimizing the risks of downtime. A well-maintained solar installation can actually perform 10 to 30% better than one that is not. But installing solar arrays are just the beginning. Without proper operation and maintenance, system components could be void of all warranties.

O&M issues should be discussed pre-construction. Our site manager oversees maintenance and the ordering of spare parts and equipment, and communicates with landowners, the local electric utility and state and local government officials. Wolf River Electric can perform O&M services to help prevent problems going unnoticed and prevent future issues.

Solar Operating and Maintenance Contracts

Wolf River Electric has a dedicated team of field-service engineers and technicians who will actively oversee the quality and performance of a solar project with effective maintenance. Typically, this will involve signing maintenance contracts — but make sure you tailor the agreement to meet your specific goals and needs.

Site visits: The maintenance company should come on site to inspect your installation and analyze whether it is producing the amount of power it has promised.

Set Solar our maintenance team on average, regular solar array cleaning will increase annual solar energy production by 5 to 10% in climates with a dry season.

Electrical system checks: Set Solar will be able to check the electrical systems to make sure they are performing properly — and make corrections if they are not.

Solar Inverter preventative maintenance: Set Solar will be able to do same checks and corrections for your solar inverters.

Commercial Solar Panels

There’s no time like the present to change that way of thinking. Look at your bottom line and the effect solar power would have on it, and join the ranks of smart businesses and organizations who have saved money by switching to commercial solar power.

Commercial Solar Power Benefits

If you’re in business, it’s a good time to go solar. Demand is rising, costs are dropping and federal and state incentives allow businesses to start saving money as soon as they turn on their solar system.

The first step is to create processes and documentation for the system as a whole and the key components within the system. … Routine scheduled preventative maintenance. Annual general site inspection. Manufacturer-specific component inspection.

Operating & Maintenance Costs

operating and maintenance (O&M) costs. Fixed O&M costs are incurred regardless of the energy produced by a process, and are entered per unit of capacity (e.g. per MW). Variable O&M costs are entered per unit of energy outputs, inputs or losses.

Solar panels generally require very little maintenance in order to function. The only thing they need is a periodic light cleaning to make sure dirt, leaves, and other debris aren’t obstructing the sun’s rays

Solar Operating and Maintenance Contracts

Benefits of Solar Operating and Maintenance Contracts

One of the most important–and most overlooked–elements of a solar system is a comprehensive solar operations and maintenance agreement.

  • Optimization of solar production for increased asset revenue.
  • Reduction of risks for asset owners.
  • Protection of asset value and longevity.e
  • Compliance with applicable regulations (e.g., those set forth by the grid operator or environmental governance bodies)