How Solar Works – Understanding The Differences

SunPower® Equinox™ is the only all-in-one, complete home solar system. With a conventional solar system, it’s hard to know what you’re getting. And while an installer may tout that variety is a strength, it’s more likely a warning sign. Inconsistent product strategies and standards are no guarantee that you’ll be happy with the end result.

Illustration of solar panel components with question marks highlighting various elements, including a panel, mounting rails, a document, a headset, and a computer.

Conventional Home Solar1

  • 16+ possible manufacturers
  • 2,500+ possible combinations
  • 4+ Pass-through warranties
  • Complex or unproven configurations can lead to inconsistent performance and reliability

The World’s First Complete Home Solar System

Diagram of a solar panel system featuring Maxeon® Solar Cells, SunPower® AC Panels, Built-in Microinverters, and InvisiMount® Hardware.

SunPower® Equinox™ System

  • SunPower® has created all of the components to function flawlessly together.
  • Backed by the industry’s best warranty
  • Simple and elegant design, proven in real-world conditions
  • The world’s most powerful panels for your home

Better Panels

22.7% Record Panel Efficiency
The industry’s highest, commercially available standard panel efficiency

Unparalleled Durability
Stands up to even the harshest environments

Lowest Degradation Rates
Proven through field testing of 800,000+ solar panels

Close-up view of a SunPower solar panel edge, highlighting the panel's sleek design and precision engineering.
Comparison of SunPower Maxeon solar cell and conventional cell, highlighting differences in grid lines, backing material, and connector thickness.

Designed Down to the Tiniest Detail

More reliability means more savings. That’s why we engineer nearly every part of our Maxeon™ system—down to every clip, cable, and flashing—to fit seamlessly together and deliver a long-standing performance. With Maxeon™, you never have to wonder what’s on your roof or how it might affect your savings.

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Logo for M Series solar products

415-440W Residential AC Module

Built specifically for use with the Maxeon™ system, the only fully integrated solar solution designed, engineered, and warranted by one company.

Front and back view of a black solar panel with integrated microinverter
Track Your Solar Energy Production Through Your Phone
Part of the Maxeon Solar System

Compatible with mySunPowerTM monitoring
Seamless aesthetics

Close-up of SunPower microinverter attached to the back of a solar panel
Factory-integrated Microinverter

Highest-power integrated AC module in solar
Engineered and calibrated by Maxeon for Maxeon AC modules

SunPower X Series logo in black and white

Unmatched Performance, Reliability And Aesthetics

Our top-of-the-line solar panels provide homeowners with more energy. They deliver the highest efficiency available in a residential solar panel today, at a record-breaking 22.8%. That means homeowners get more electricity, more flexibility, more peace of mind, and lower electricity bills.

X-21 335 Watt Signature Black
Aka, The Hottest Panel On The Block!

Maxeon® AC modules, which include a factory-integrated Maxeon microinverter, provide a revolutionary combination of high efficiency, high reliability, and module-level DC-to-AC power conversion. Designed specifically for use with Maxeon InvisiMount™ and the Maxeon Monitoring System, SunPower AC modules enable rapid installation, best-in-class system aesthetics, and intuitive visibility into system performance. All this comes with the best Combined Power and Product Warranty in the industry. 

Maxeon’s new Type D AC module is UL-tested and certified to UL 1741 SA and provides advanced smart inverter functions. Maxeon Type D AC modules are fully compliant with the California Rule 21 Phase 1 requirements, and the Rule 21 grid profile is easily set during commissioning with Maxeon PVS5x monitoring hardware. 

SunPower X21 Series solar panel showing front and back views with logo
X-21 345 Watt Panel
More Efficiency, Lower Electric Bills

Because X-21 345 Watt residential solar panels generate more electricity from a smaller area, you can expand energy production simply by using additional roof space to add more panels at a later date.

Our panels guarantee more power and more peace of mind. We also offer the best-combined power and product warranty for 25 years. And because our panels are built on a solid copper foundation, Maxeon ® solar cells deliver unmatched reliability over the lifetime of your solar energy system.

The X-21 345 Watt - The most efficient X-Series Solar Panel
X-22 360 Watt Panel
Most Power, Less Space

Our X-22 360-watt panels produce the most energy and take up much less space. They boast the highest efficiency available on the market by any manufacturer and deliver 44% more power per panel, which means you can generate more power in smaller spaces with fewer panels. Simply put, these panels convert more sunlight into electricity, producing 75% more energy per square foot over the first 25 years. X-22 panels are designed for durability using the Maxeon Solar Cell, the only cell built on a solid copper foundation. These cells make the panels virtually impervious to the corrosion and cracking that degrade conventional panels. X-22 panels rank #1 in the Fraunhofer durability test and have 100% power maintained in the Atlas 25+ comprehensive durability test.

SunPower X22 Series solar panel showing front and back views with logo