Under Cabinet Wiring

Under Cabinet Wiring

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in any home. If you love to cook, you need bright, functional lighting for your countertop food preparation areas. If takeout is more your style, you want your kitchen to be a warm, inviting space to gather with family and friends. Under-cabinet lighting serves both of these needs by providing function as well as ambiance. With so many different styles to choose from along with great affordability, under-cabinet lighting is a creative way to add depth, style, and sophistication to your kitchen.

Under Cabinet Wiring Benefits

Although the kitchen is the most popular room to install under-cabinet lighting, any space such as an office, garage, or workshop where you need task lighting or want to create a warm ambiance is a perfect design choice. What you can achieve with under-cabinet lighting includes:

  • Reduced shadows. Under-cabinet lighting puts direct light where you need to work, eliminating shadows and harsh glare from overhead fixtures.
  • Energy-efficiency. Why light up the entire kitchen when low voltage under-cabinet lighting is all you need for the task?
  • Beauty. Soft, glowing light from under-cabinet fixtures will add elegance to any space while showcasing your favorite décor items like figurines or books.
  • Simplicity. The experts at Top Notch can easily install under-cabinet lighting in just a few hours.
  • Bulb choices. Get the exact lighting style you want for your space with a variety of light bulb choices.

Are you interested in finding out more about how under-cabinet lighting can add function and beauty to your Twin Cities home? Call the experts at Wolf Electric today.

Under Cabinet Wiring Choices

You have many choices for under-cabinet lighting depending on where you want to place it and the style of lighting you want for your space. Some popular choices include:

  • LEDs. LED bulbs are the latest, most energy-efficient choice for under-cabinet lighting. They’re available in different colors, adjustable brightness levels, and emit low heat. Perfect for kitchens, these bulbs come in bars and individual fixtures. Sturdy and bright, LEDs also have a long lifespan.
  • Xenon. Although xenon is an older lighting technology, it still is favored for its crisp, clean white light. Xenon will make marble or granite countertops shine. Xenon is affordable and is available with a three-way brightness switch.
  • Fluorescent. A reliable, middle ground option between xenon and LED, fluorescent lighting is a good choice for any space. Fluorescent lights can be strung together to achieve a higher brightness and emits low heat.