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Don’t get left in the dark! Contact Wolf Electric today for all your lighting replacement and installation services in the Minneapolis & St Paul area. We offer professional lighting and ceiling fan fixture installation you can rest easy knowing your fixtures got a proper installation and are up to building codes

Lighting Design Installation Replacement Professionals

Lighting fixtures can often prove tricky to install. There may be wiring that goes beyond the realm of DIY. Many wiring issues can cause an accident or even death if not handled properly. If you are experiencing issues with your fixtures in your home, it may be a sign that you need lighting fixture replacement. A professional electrician will be able to assess the situation and install a new fixture that works properly and is up to all the required building codes.

Lighting Design Installation Replacement

Ceiling fans offer more than just a nice accessory to a room, using one could potentially lower your energy bills. They move the air around in your home, without using much energy, meaning in the summer you can run your air conditioner less and still stay cool. In the winter, if you run your ceiling fan in the opposite direction, you can move around the warm air from your furnace. Also, ceiling fans can have a lighting system that works to light your room, making them useful in more than one way.