Home Rewiring Service

Home Rewiring Services

Is the wiring in your home causing problems? Trust Wolf River Electric to complete for all your wiring repair and replacement in the Twin Cities area. Call today for a quote. The wiring in your home is responsible for powering all your devices and appliances. Without proper wiring you can say goodbye to television, charging tablets and other devices, as well as your lights. If the wiring in your Minneapolis & St Paul area home is starting to act up, call the experts at Wolf Electric Complete.

Home Rewiring Services Experienced Electricians

In the past, electricity wasn’t as easily understood as it is today. In addition, material shortages meant that wires needed to be made from any material available. Today’s heightened power needs and grasp of electricity mean that highly-conductive materials are more available than ever. In homes where older wiring is present, corroded wiring means a higher risk of shock, damaged appliances or even fire. The experienced electricians at Wolf Electric can help you upgrade to more conductive and safe materials such as copper, bringing you a wide range of benefits including:

  • Higher customization due to lightweight materials
  • Increased conductivity and performance
  • Easy maintenance and safety
  • A safer home filled with peace of mind!

Home Rewiring Services You Can Trust

With any electrical work in your home, it is always recommended to hire a professional to carry out the work. Whether it’s repairing a broken wire, replacing aluminum wiring or wiring a new home, the experts at Wolf Electric Complete can do it safely and effectively.
Mishandling a wire can lead to electrical shock, fire or even death, which is why it’s extremely important to call a professional. Most insurance companies will also not accept claims on homes that were wired by amateurs since a professionally trained and licensed electrician can ensure you are up to date on building codes.