Spring has officially arrived, and with it, warmer weather. This is the time of year when homeowners start flipping on air conditioners and enjoying more time outdoors before temperatures rise. While many associate spring with fresh starts and plenty of deep cleaning, it is also the perfect time to start a solar panel installation.

It’s no surprise that the hottest days of the year typically come in June, July, and August, with some southern states even experiencing high temperatures through September. But what can be a surprise to many is the significantly higher utility bill due to increased energy consumptionMore than half of a home’s energy usage comes from heating and cooling. Even homeowners that try to conserve energy find they can’t escape a surge in utility rates as they need more power during this time of year to battle the heat. This, in turn, can place a strain on the electrical grid, leading to summer blackouts in some states, like Minnesota. That’s why solar is not only beneficial to the homeowner but also to the larger community.

When solar panels generate just as much or more energy than is consumed during a given month, the solar system is able to take on some of the demand load that would normally add strain to the electrical grid. With longer days and plenty of sun, summer is a great time of year to put a solar system to work. Homeowners with SunPower get the added benefit of having the industry’s most efficient panels featuring SunPower technology with Maxeon® solar cells. These cells feature a unique light-trapping surface that not only uses visible light but infrared and ultraviolet light as well to produce more solar energy.

By readily providing energy when it is most needed, solar panels help homeowners save on utility expenses over time. To begin seeing those summer savings, homeowners should start their journey towards switching to solar energy in the spring to allow time for installation and a fully customizable experience that only SunPower offers.

SunPower allows customers to take a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach when designing their solar systems. With the help of a solar advisor, homeowners can be a part of the design process by choosing how many solar panels they want for their solar system and determining exactly where those panels will be placed on their roofs. The result is a home that is tailored to that specific homeowner’s energy needs.

SunPower makes preparing the home for solar power simple. With enough lead time this spring, homeowners could see the benefits of their solar system by summer. Even better, SunPower has an incredible spring promotion available this month. SunPower will offset the first six months of payments for homeowners that go solar with a qualified SunPower system by May 31, 2020, with a VISA Reward Card Rebate. Contacting a solar advisor is all it takes to get started.

This post originally appeared on the SunPower Resource Blog.