Wire Inspection

Electrical Wire Inspection

Because your electrical wiring is predominantly tucked away behind your walls, you may not really give it all that much thought. This is not the type of situation in which you can afford to take an “out of sight, out of mind” approach to things, though. If you have old wiring in your home, or if you need electrical wiring installed in a new addition or even a brand new residence, then we suggest that you hire our skilled electricians to get the job done right.

Electrical Wire Inspection Up to Code?

There are several major considerations to be made when installing electrical wiring throughout a home. The design of your electrical system, including the placement of outlets, the type of materials used, and how the circuitry is laid out, all requires that a professional electrician does the job. Not only will subpar electrical wiring installation or replacement services put your convenience at risk, but they can also lead to unsafe operating conditions when using electricity in your residence. By hiring our electrical technicians, you can count on your electrical wiring being up to code and functioning precisely as you need it to.

Electrical Wire Inspection Services

Should you have any doubts regarding the condition of your electrical wiring system, it is necessary to schedule electrical wiring inspection services with a professional electrician. This is something that you should do when buying an older home, or if you experience frequent issues with your electrical system which may be the result of faulty wiring. A number of issues may be at the root of such problems, including frayed or cracked wires, overloaded circuits, or even simple loose connections. A full electrical wiring inspection is the only way to know for sure where the problem originates.

While some issues, such as subpar wiring materials or burnt out wires may require replacement, there are many instances in which electrical wiring repairs may be a viable option. You may have problems with rodents in your walls, for instance, and these rodents may have chewed through wiring at a point in the system. Regardless of what it is that tips you off to problems with your system, such as frequently tripped circuit breakers, burnt out sockets, or flickering lights, count on Wolf Electric, Heating & Cooling to diagnose the problem precisely. Once we have, we can go about completing any electrical wiring services