Generator Switch

A generator transfer switch in the twin cities is an electrical device allowing safe connection of your generator from utilities power to standby generator direct power. We can install a generator transfer switch safely while delivering full power from your generator to your home electrical system. If you have a standby generator, you will need an automatic generator transfer switch  linking your generator with your home.

Our licensed professional electricians are experienced in providing a generator transfer switch in the twin cities, including:

  • Portable manual generator transfer switches
  • Automatic transfer switches
  • Open transition transfer switches
  • Closed transition
  • Soft loading
  • Static transfer switch
Generator Transfer Switch

Transfer Switch


We are licensed for installation of a transfer switch to provide a safe and effective means of transferring your power supply from the utility grid to your generator. Installation of a transfer switch provides a method of closing off the utility power line to the electrical system of your home during a power outage, and instead, opens a line to your generator.

In the absence of a transfer switch and connecting a portable generator directly to an electrical service panel could endanger utility workers servicing the power lines, cause damage to your generator, or cause significant damage to your appliances.

Using a transfer switch offers significant benefits:

  • Quicker use of your generator
  • A transfer switch provides safe generator use
  • Transfer switch offers immediate access to power
  • Generator transfer switch wiring
  • Wiring portable manual generators
  • Connections to home electrical circuit panels
  • Wiring a generator to an electrical panel

Generator Wiring


It is advisable to have a licensed electrician install generator wiring  whether the installation is for a new construction, or retro-fitting in an existing home. As a local electrician contractor, we are experienced and fully equipped for safe and effective generator wiring. Generator wiring is best installed by a certified electrician or licensed electrical contractor to ensure proper functionality and safety.

Our generator wiring installations are performed with a work permit and inspections. Our installations are in conformance with the latest NEC and any other electrical safety standards for compliance with the appropriate adopted standard.