The Top 3 Solar Power Questions Homeowners Want Answered

Our team at Wolf River Electric frequently fields questions from homeowners interested in adopting solar power. From straightforward inquiries like “What is solar energy?” to more complex ones such as “How efficient are solar panels?” we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions from those considering solar to lower their energy costs and carbon footprint.

“Is solar energy free?” Unfortunately, some misleading advertisements suggest that solar power is free. This is not the case. However, numerous federal and local tax incentives can make solar more affordable. Homeowners who install a solar system this year can take advantage of the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), which allows a deduction of 30% of the cost of their solar energy system from their federal taxes. Beyond rebates like the ITC, Wolf River Electric also provides various financing options, including loans, giving homeowners flexible payment options. It’s important to view solar power as a long-term investment. While there’s an upfront cost, those with solar energy typically pay less for electricity over the lifespan of their home, as the sun meets most of their energy needs.

“Why is solar power expensive?” Solar power is a product of technological innovation. Our range includes some of the most efficient solar panels in the industry. The efficiency of these panels lies in the specialized solar cells we use. These cells are precision-engineered and coated with an anti-reflective material that enables them to capture more sunlight, including infrared and ultraviolet light. A copper backing strengthens the panels and prevents corrosion, ensuring our panels can withstand exposure and weathering.

Furthermore, every element of our solar system undergoes rigorous design and testing for long-term reliability. We stand behind our technology with comprehensive warranties: 25 years for workmanship, panels, and roof penetration, and 12–25 years for inverter parts & labor.

“Can I add a battery to my solar system?” In light of recent power outages, many individuals are exploring power backup or storage solutions. At Wolf River Electric, we offer a solar energy storage solution that works seamlessly with solar systems to harness and store solar energy. Depending on the system setup, homeowners can utilize the stored solar energy from the battery as per their needs.

These are just a few of the questions our consultants receive from prospective customers. We’re here to answer all your queries about switching to solar. Contact us for a FREE QUOTE, or try our Solar Calculator today!