Commercial Solar Panel Installation

Commercial Solar Installation

Reduce Energy Costs and Go Solar in Confidence with Wolf Electric.

We work closely with corporations, business owners, public agencies, schools, and builders to design and install solar energy systems that maximize the financial, image, and environmental benefits of going solar. An investment in solar pays dividends in saved energy costs and in attracting and retaining customers. Economically speaking, conventional electricity costs are increasing 7-15% a year meaning every year more and more of your budget goes towards electricity.

Businesses and farms often see paybacks for solar in the 5 – 8 year range. That equates to a (tax free!) rate of return in the 15 – 20% range, all while adding to your modern, forward-looking image.

Commercial Solar Installation – The Benefits

Solar is not just environmentally beneficial, it is also modern and high-tech and has very high approval ratings. Across the entire political spectrum over 80% of people polled support increased use of solar (very, very few things poll so high). Our internet monitoring options can allow you to show off your system’s performance (historically and in real-time) to the world though web-links and smart-phone apps.
You’re already buying energy. Why not put your money towards clean solar energy instead?

Commercial Solar Installation – we can help

Wolf Electric has engineers, electricians, and certified installers on staff and has years of experience installing solar panels
We are not beholden to just one brand or type of solar, we use the appropriate equipment for each project. We know when to use different types of inverters (micro-inverters, string inverters, DC optimizers) and panels (60 cell, 72 cell, power dense, bi-facial) and can show you the benefits of all of them.

Our crews are professional and the best trained in the region. Our customer service includes an office with a staff full of professionals that update all of our clients on a weekly basis, and installers who love their work and treat your project with the respect it deserves.
With Wolf Electric we handle permits, utility connections, and everything else to make the entire process from initial contact and design, through installation and commissioning as easy as possible for you.