Preventative Maintenance Programs

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Loose connections and parts, exposure to moisture and defective insulation are lead causes of electrical distribution failures. The issues can be corrected with a comprehensive preventive maintenance program. We systematically identify safety risks and financial risks, as well as determine what electrical testing and maintenance procedures are already in place.

Preventative Maintenance Programs

We will complete an in-depth inventory of the electrical components in your facility and identify the most critical areas for your operation. We will evaluate the current condition of all equipment and develop recommendations for which pieces should be the highest priority. Some factors to consider when planning a program for your organization are:

  • Qualified Personnel: The people who perform your EPM program must be properly trained for the specific equipment being maintained or tested. They should have a thorough understanding of electrical safety practices and procedures.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: Inspection, testing and servicing of equipment should be done on a regular basis — at least once every three years and more often for critical components.
  • Informed Decisions: You want to make informed, responsible decisions about how best to correct any problem conditions. That can only be accomplished if personnel reviewing test reports have a thorough understanding of the specific subject matter.
  • Performing the Work: There is little point in testing and inspections if you don’t intend to fix the problem. Ultimately, a scheduled outage is necessary to perform the work.
  • Record-Keeping: A clear, concise and complete record-keeping system will help make sure that all work is done when it should be. Tracking test results over time also can often identify a potential failure that can be corrected before it happens.

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Your facility’s maintenance program will include cost justification, safety compliance recommendations, and arc flash recommendations. In addition, the program will be carefully crafted to stay within your budget constraints.

Our extensive industry expertise and proven practices allow us to exceed expectations every time. We promise to provide you with the most advanced, thorough, and cost-effective program available on the market

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