Commercial New & Replacement LED Products

New Replacement LED Products

Are you looking to increase the safety, security, curb appeal, reliability and efficiency of your retail space or facility without increasing long term costs? Upgrading your current fluorescent or HID lighting to LED will accomplish this. Replacing your existing fluorescent and HID lighting with efficient LED fixtures will have the following impact on your operating costs:

New Replacement LED Products lower costs

Traditional fluorescent and HID lighting requires a large amount of maintenance. Bulbs and ballasts must be replaced regularly as they work through their comparatively short lifecycles. Not only do the bulbs and ballasts burn out, but sockets and lenses also wear out with frequent replacement. All of these items add up. Maintenance personnel must be kept on staff or on retainer, and this cost must be added into the overhead calculations for the facility. The significantly longer lifecycle of LED lighting yields a significant savings in maintenance costs. Over a ten year period, LED lighting can cut maintenance costs by up to 86 percent. The budget for lighting maintenance is different for every facility. Next time you are in the accounting office, find out what the maintenance budget is for the existing lighting at your facility. Imagine what else you can invest in when your budget for repairing lights is 15% of its current level.

New Replacement LED Products

Hard costs such as energy consumption and maintenance are easy to analyze in terms of percentages and dollar amounts. However, intangible benefits are difficult to calculate but make a very real impact on revenue. One intangible benefit is increased sales. A brighter store can attract more customers. A brighter office environment can boost productivity of employees. A brighter warehouse can decrease accidents. A brighter parking lot can increase safety and security. While LED lights are not necessarily brighter than the outgoing HID and fluorescent lights, they do offer more consistent operation with less breakage over the long run. Dead lights do not illuminate merchandise or provide security while they are awaiting repair. The “intangible” benefits of LED lighting can become quite real when considered carefully.

There are many excellent reasons to upgrade the lighting at your facility to LED. LED lighting is cost effective to purchase and power, easy to maintain, and makes your facility brighter, safer, and more attractive