Landscape Lighting

Commercial Landscape Lighting

Wolf Electric of Twin Cities are experts at providing illumination services and outdoor lighting for commercial buildings in Minneapolis & St Paul, Minnesota. From parking lots to building perimeters, commercial outdoor lighting provides added visibility and security for a variety of applications. We are professionals at designing, installing, and maintaining your outdoor lighting in the following areas of your business:

  • Exterior facades
  • Common areas
  • Walkways
  • Entrances
  • Special attraction outdoor areas
  • Parking lots
  • Driveways
  • Landscape accent lights

Commercial Landscape Lighting Lighting Types

For best results, it is important to include a variety of lighting types and styles throughout your landscape, including those listed below:

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lights are placed at regular intervals along pathways leading to your front porch, doorway, or those which connect separate areas around your property. Whether they are placed in or above ground, their purpose is to provide a source of light at your feet to enhance safety.

Pool Lights

Showcase your pool or water feature, and help prevent accidents with underwater lighting solutions from Lawrence Landscape.


As the name suggests, this type of lighting is placed close to the ground, casting the light upwards for a dramatic effect. Uplighting is used to illuminate signage or addresses, highlight interesting trees or shrubbery, or create a focal point in your landscape.


Lights are placed high above the ground in an effort to mimic natural daylight or moonlight, and they are commonly used for security lighting or to highlight a wide surface area.


Floodlights or spotlights can be used effectively to cast a bright light on a specific item or area of your property, such as a statue, fountain, or stately tree.

Step Lights

Stairs can pose a trip hazard in the dark, but step lights mounted on the stair rails or treads help to make them safer and more secure.

Wall Lighting

Wall wash lighting provides an even, ambient light around the perimeter or your home or commercial building. Fixtures are typically placed 12 inches or more from the wall depending on the amount of surface area to be covered.