Commercial Generators


What would happen to your business in the event of a power outage? Would it remain productive, or would business grind to a screeching halt? Adding a power generator to your commercial location can prevent lost customers and gaps in productivity resulting from short- or long-term power losses due to weather, accidents, and more.


A power generator independently provides a backup source of electricity in the event of a power outage. Similar to an automobile, a generator creates mechanical energy with the help of a heavy-duty recharging battery to initiate and maintain energy, a fuel tank to supply fuel (gasoline, diesel, or natural gas), an engine, and an alternator to convert that mechanical power into electrical power. Having a standby generator will ensure that your operation never has to experience downtime. With a generator standing by, if your area’s electrical supply fails, the commercial generator will provide a seamless transition to backup power.

Power generators are useful to businesses in many ways:

  • Generators ensure continued productivity in the event of a power outage, keeping necessary appliances in operation.
  • Generators ensure the safety and comfort of your employees during the event of a snowstorm, ice storm, or heat wave.
  • Generators help protect computer data and allow security systems to continue to function.
  • Generators provide an uninterrupted supply of power, despite brownouts and outages, keeping all devices running like normal.
  • Data Centers: Prevent customer data loss with a standby power system that meets Uptime Institute tier design requirements.
  • Education: From ensuring that research facilities operate uninterrupted to protecting data from across multiple campuses, Wolf Electric can install standby power systems for institutes of higher learning.
  • Healthcare: In a critical field such as healthcare, power failures are simply not acceptable. The Wolf Electric team can help with a standby power solution that will help protect your patients.
  • Manufacturing & Warehouse: Each minute of downtime in a manufacturing or warehouse environment can mean lost revenue and work hours. Let Wolf Electric install a generator to protect your business.
  • Municipal & Government: Emergency services such as police, fire and 911 call centers, as well as vital local, county and state government services, such as correctional institutions and sewer and water authorities, can’t afford to be without power in the event of an emergency. Let Wolf Electric help ensure you will keep running when the power goes out.
  • Office & Banking: Computers, lighting, video conferencing and climate control all require power. Keep your office or financial institution up and running during a power outage with a standby power system from Wolf Electric.
  • Telecommunications: Without communication, business and safety break down in the event of an emergency. Let Wolf Electric keep your communications systems up and running during an extended power outage.
  • Other Industries: We can meet your needs for generator rentals, sales, installation and repair. Call Wolf Electric today.


A professional can determine the right size of generator for your needs.

Do you know how to properly calculate wattage so that your system isn’t overloaded at startup? This varies depending on the equipment you need to power and the manufacturer of your generator. Our professionals have the skills necessary to calculate power needs for a smooth operation.

Professional installation ensures safety.

A professional electrician can safely set up wiring, plugging your generator into the transfer switch and wiring it directly to your business’s service panel. This disconnects you properly from the grid and ensures the safe delivery of power only to designated circuits, preventing the overloading of your generator, backfeeding, fire, and other safety issues. Proper positioning and installation of your portable generator is also essential in preventing carbon monoxide poisoning.