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Are you looking for a reliable and professional solar panel installation company to help you switch to solar power in Brooklyn Park? Look no further than Wolf River Electric! Our team of local certified technicians has over 8 years of experience as solar panel installers and can care for your solar project needs from start to finish.

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Whether it is for residential or commercial clients, we have the skills and expertise to ensure that your entire process is quick, easy, and cost-effective. Plus, when you choose Wolf River Electric for your solar panel installation services, you get peace of mind knowing that our solar panel systems are backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty & a 10-year workmanship warranty on every single solar panel system purchase and install with Wolf River Electric.

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Rated as one of the best solar companies in MN

Wolf River is rated among the top solar companies in Minnesota by EnergySage, and there is a good reason why. Wolf River consistently delivers quality customer service, competitive pricing, and an impressive selection of solar panel designs to meet the needs of many homeowners. Check out some of our customers’ reviews and what they say about us to learn more about how we earned our spot as one of the top solar companies in MN!

WRE does not use sub-contractors

since Wolf River Electric is a local, family-owned business based in Isanti, MN. We are proud to say that we are one of the few solar companies in the state that does not outsource any of our work and always hires internal professional employees. Everything is local, from your install crew and solar project manager to solar consultant and manager. When you work with us, you are helping a local business grow and providing more jobs to all fellow Minnesotans.

Special Financing for Brooklyn Park. MN Commercial and Residential solar panels customers

Wolf River offers excellent financing options that help make switching to a solar energy system more accessible than ever. With various plans and payment options, you can choose the best one to fit your budget. Wolf River’s financing plans include generous incentives like no money down ($0 Upfront – $0 Down Pay) and discounts for Minnesota residents. Check out our post about MN solar incentives to learn more.

On-Grid & Off-Grid (SOLAR BATTERY BACKUPS) options for any solar system Brooklyn Park, MN

Unlike your typical solar company, here at Wolf River Solar Unlike your typical solar company, here at Wolf River Solar, we have several solar system options to meet your energy needs. We offer On-Grid and Off-Grid systems and custom solar packages for Brooklyn Park, MN customers. For On-Grid systems, you can choose from various components and add-ons to customize your system. We also offer a wide range of Off-Grid options that feature both battery storage and generator backup for those looking for more energy independence. You can read our post to learn more about the key differences between these solar panel system options.

Special request installations, constant promotions, and various discounts for Brooklyn Park, MN

Wolf River Electric respects, understands and appreciates every single customer. That’s why we strive to keep savings rolling and assign you a team of professionals to help throughout the process and ensure you get all the rebates and incentives you are entitled to. We treat your house, environment, building, property, roof, investment, purchase, request, system, and business as our own. Every client is part of our family, and we are willing to put everything on the line to ensure they enjoy their eco-friendly solar installation and get the savings they seek.

  • Veterans’ discounts and rebates
  • cash payment discounts
  • charity match option
  • free business promotion for business owners
  • utility assistance towards any utility company during solar power system installation Brooklyn Park, MN
  • free quotes and designs by certified solar panel system professionals
  • 10 years of support once the system is installed

Over 3500 systems successfully installed, and almost 9 years of experience

Experience is one of the most important aspects of any solar company’s success, and that’s when our time in the business comes in handy we have worked with and seen it all. We are also proud to say that we have delivered many homeowners and business owners significant savings and environmental impact towards Brooklyn Park, MN, and surrounding areas. So you can be assured that one of the best solar companies in mn is taking care of you!

How to get started with your solar installation – Brooklyn Park, MN

Wolf River Electric knows that a solar power investment process is supposed to be an easy and cost-effective process, and with many companies to choose from, we know that it can be a difficult choice to get started. We believe that customers should contact multiple companies and do as much research as possible into services, recent projects installed, reviews, and ratings.

You should proceed with caution based on the results you find and pick the company you find to be most attractive. Our best advice before you install solar panels is to stick with a local company and have them set clear expectations for you before you start your solar adventure. Wolf River Electric can help you begin that process and kick-start your solar installation whether you are a homeowner in Brooklyn Park, MN looking for solar panels for your house, a farmer looking to reduce carbon footprint and electricity bills, or a business owner looking for ways to manage excess electricity costs. We can be your local solar heroes! Get a free solar quote NOW.

Wolf River Electric- Brooklyn Park, MN Solar Panel Installers

We understand that energy costs are always on the rise, and going solar is one way to reduce those costs while getting access to renewable energy sources. Not only will switching to solar save money in the long run, but you’ll also be doing something positive for the environment as well. So why not make the switch today? Contact us at Wolf River Electric and schedule a free consultation. We’ll be happy to discuss all of your options and explain how solar power can benefit homeowners and businesses. You can also learn more about average system costs, residential and commercial solar differences, and our services on our website!

Don’t be hesitant to reach out to us if you are looking for solar panels in Brooklyn Park, MN, green energy solar in Brooklyn Park, MN, solar battery backups in Brooklyn Park, MN, advanced energy solar in Brooklyn Park, MN, or solar repair services in Brooklyn Park, MN. Our services will be guaranteed, and your happiness will be boosted!

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